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About NYC

The Governing Body of Young FRN Citizen

About Us

Nigerian Youth Congress


The Nigerian Youth Congress (NYC)is a registered non-governmental, non-partisan, and a not-for-profit organizationfounded in 2016, recognised by the federal government, and is saddled with the responsibility of coordinating and regulating the affairs of all youth associations within the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The NYC is under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development and the Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Youth and Students Affairs, it seeks to empower young people to take action through community and national service, towards creating sustainable solutions to local and national challenges, connecting with the global community to expand professional networks, exchange ideas with leaders, cultivate lifelong friendship around the world, and develop skills to become community, national and global leaders.

The organization was founded by decisive young leaders, youth developers, result oriented leaders, patriotic, vibrant and charismatic youth crusaders, emancipators, activists, strategists, and result-oriented leaders.

It comprises of;


We are focused driven youths. We are patriots and law abiding citizens. Our voice must be heard through constructive approaches and dialogues.

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About Us

The Nigerian Youth Congress is a major stakeholder in the implementation of the youth agenda of the Federal government, and, as such, will be strengthened by the government. Government at all levels shall endeavour to fund the activities of the youth body through subvention annually without necessarily controlling or interfering in the day-to-day running of the youth congress. Government shall provide some oversight functions to the congress.

Voluntary youth organizations and groups, youth NGOs and CBOs shall partner with the congress for proper collaboration. As the coordinating body for all youth organizations across the country, the NYC shall endeavour at all times to pursue democratic norms, embrace the principles of accountability and transparency in all its conduct, avoid partisanship, initiate and execute activities that are in consonance with the goals of the Federal government youth agenda.


To inspire and coordinate Nigerian young people towards global standards in the realization of their full potentials, dreams and aspirations, and being responsible to themselves, their families and the nation at large, while also establishing cogent orientations to being an antidote to curbing youth thuggery in Nigeria and around the world.


To actualize the full rights of all Nigerian youths to enjoy social, political and economic development and to respect the rights of others, while actively participating in all decision making processes and equally complimenting government efforts in nation building.


The Nigerian Youth Congress aims to promote youth empowerment,allow young people create interstate and intercultural relationship with people from different backgrounds, and provide a common platform for all the structures of the youth congress for the advancement of the course of the Nigerian youth through enhanced social enlightenment, mobilization and coordination as a tool for complimenting the efforts of government and other relevant stakeholders in youth development.

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  1. To coordinate the activities of all nationally recognized voluntary youth organizations and their state chapters.
  2. To study various problems confronting the youths of this country and find means of alleviating same.
  3. To be responsible for the active mobilization of Nigerian youths for youth development programmes nationwide.
  4. To ensure that all international engagements by nationally recognized voluntary youth organizations are properly brought to the notice of the Federal Ministry responsible for Youth Affairs through the youth congress before such engagements are undertaken.
  5. To ensure effective participation of the youth congress in international youth activities.
  6. To evaluate at the end of the year, the programmes and activities of nationally recognized voluntary youth organizations and their state chapters, and submit its recommendations to the Federal Ministry of Youth Development.
  7. To serve as a training ground for the youths as future leaders of the country.
  8. To ensure proper mainstreaming of the youths in vital processes of governance, policy formulation, implementation and nation building.
  9. To enhance the promotion of the bonds of peace and friendship among Nigerian youths and their global counterparts.

Core Values

  1. Inclusiveness and Team work.
  2. Originality of our Culture and Values.
  3. Non-partisanship.
  4. Quality and Excellence.
  5. Transparency and Accountability.

Thematic Areas of Focus.

  1. Economic Empowerment of Nigerian Youths.
  2. Entrepreneurship and Community Development of the Nigerian society.
  3. National Sustainable Development Goals.
  4. Reawakening Nigerian Cultural Values.
  5. Peace Building and Conflict Resolution.
  6. Partnerships and Charity towards empowering the young people.


  1. Community engagement and focal consultation of community leaders.
  2. Awareness creation through sensitization and peaceful processions.
  3. Advocacy for community development.
  4. Capacity building through seminars, workshops, summits, and conferences.
  5. Research, statistics and planning.

Our Affilication

The Nigerian Youth Congress is affiliated to the World Assembly of Youths, Pan-African Youth Union, African Youth Congress, International Youth Congress, World Youth Congress, European Youth Congress, American Youth Congress, Asian Youth Congress and any other INTERNATIONAL bodies or institutions sharing similar objectives with the Congress.

The Nigerian Youth Congress is a major stakeholder in the implementation of the youth agenda of the Federal government, and, as such, will be strengthened by the government. Readmore>>>

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C/o Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Youth and Students Affairs, Phase 1, 5th Floor, Federal Secretariat, Abuja.
Phone: +234 803 713 0976
Email: info@nyc.org.ng